Thursday, 25 October 2012


The birds flutter between brick and tress
I’m all palms for their disinterest –

I know the birds, I don’t know the Name
I bend the brick dangerously in influence
But they’re there and I’m here, so nearby

The dappled beams they register not
I’m so close to blindness and enough
Of wanting to seek, reach, handle
Their security, they all call
But not for me
But I never stand
To address

Their borders stronger than mine


  1. You leave the reader wondering... is it shyness or respect that keeps the main character from standing? Compelling write, this. And those birds? They do tease.

  2. This has such an aura to it, tangible! Remarkable! xox

  3. I thought I left a comment ~ Wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this ~

  4. Your writing is always intriguing and leaves me questioning.

    I understand "I know the birds, I don't know the name." (me either!)

  5. Awesome ending to this one, so fitting. I really like the build up and the release, the distance the narrator keeps (my vote goes for respectful ;) )

  6. 'I'm all palms to their disinterest' so very good M.