Monday, 8 July 2013


For what gainsayers say will stand as testament
To the profit of further gainsaying, regarded

Carting ingenuous poetics
To the tip of neutral talent

Mercy in penmanship
Not in fellowship

I now have a position on everything
Within your innings, heart lift


I wait for some desire
To pass from now
To the event


  1. Marketing machines... the creation of a candidate... the development of an icon... social approval of the BMOC... all the same. Smooth, sweet words to sedate, ingratiate. Feelings of grandeur, then loss. How to go on? When one knows the real truth?

  2. Penmanship over fellowship is an interesting concept to entertain... Glad to see you in Poets United again.

  3. Amazing job Kim really said it all, I could say it no better

  4. *sigh* it has been far too long since I have visited your blog... I am happy to find such skillful and eloquent words still flowing from your pen. Hello, how have you been?