Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Bedlam brainsick,
Your mighty heart
Allowed no concession
Of sympathy
For your mighty heart
Stocked up the process
But cleared our conscience

Your requests
Never capitalised
By full or proud intent
Your stories
Sick, sad, and true

Your bovine lines
Scared many a witch
From her sorcery

Your gentleness
Left many a nurse patient
While you finished your cigarette


  1. I particularly like the contrast of the last two stanza and to be left with a the image of a slow puff.

  2. For me, the juxtaposition of "nurse" and "cigarette" is quite startling--and quite effective!

    Elusive Music

  3. I love this poem, great rhythm and energy. as someone that writes poems from the perspective of the mentally ill, being one of that clan myself, feel more fingerprints of this subject beyond bedlam and witches

  4. Sounds honest and straightforward with respect to both the likeable and less likeable faces of her. I agree with my predecessor about rythm and energy, and the third stanza made me smile. Please allow me to ask if you are working as a psychiatric nurse?

  5. You have a brilliant way of taking the most difficult theme, one usually weighted with cliches, and spin a new light over it. Onya Matt.

  6. crisp concise and very well phrased. the last stanza is a kicker!