Thursday, 28 June 2012


I seize for the victories
and the tic tac spoils
of these blank line blues,
ranked inconsiderately.

Ready for a strong arm
with the gnashing of arteries,
or exiting to receive the weak one
in what was once called contemplation.

Ending what neither of us have not.


  1. And it left me thinking, thinking and then I was blank with thought. nice work

  2. Lots to reflect on in this verse!

  3. The concept behind ending something that neither has gives me a sense of two people caught in an illusion (perhaps of a relationship that doesn't exist) before one of them recognizes the futility and decides to end it. Nicely written.

  4. Leaves one pondering the story that lies behind the poem. Well done.

  5. For me, this was all about my "strong arm" of being able to begin to fill the blue lines in my journal with poetry - as well as my "weak arm," which is the uninspired me, who walks away to wash dishes and hope something will come to mind.

    The beauty of this poem (and this is my first time here) is the open write, which leaves one to consider what your song means to them. It's like listening to records, before the age of MTV and videos that "assigned" an image to a song, a poem. So well done! Peace, Amy

  6. hovers.

  7. I know "drawing the blank." I've tried both strong arm tactics and intense introspection. Sometimes it is best to accept the void, if only for a time.