Saturday, 16 June 2012


You cannot walk
Your head hits your chest
You’re not asleep

No guilt of pill
No directive call
But there’s this light
That’s breaking through

The sky your head
Your head the sky
And you know you’re not asleep

Your flesh left aside
But it’s still out there
And you know you’re not awake

You feel the salt
That’s in the breeze
And the waves you hear
Curling through this light
As a mirrored cup drinking-up
All that light sets between

And you’re not asleep
And you’re not awake
And it culminates amid


  1. This must be somewhere between intense awareness and half unconscious drowsiness ... it evokes a feeling of inside and outside molten into one. Fine!

  2. A fascinating read. I reflected on similar moments in my life, wondering how I would describe them, if they were anything like this. Again, you made me think, ponder, wonder. Good writing does that.

  3. Matthew John Davies, I adore you!!!

  4. an almost stream-of-consciousness style take on those moments before we wake up and consciousness hits hard.wonderfully crafted.

  5. I have that feeling when my mother talks at me.

  6. I especially love "the sky your head, your head the sky". Yup. Been there! Good poem, kiddo.

  7. A strange place to be, perfectly described

  8. A delightful read, so clearly opening up that space between dreaming and reality. I kind of like the way it can fit no matter where you happen to be when reality dissolves away, if only for a brief moment or two.

  9. "And the waves you hear
    Curling through this light" beautiful imagery!

  10. conscious or subconscious i feel the freaky waves of uncertainty.

    good writing, very good.