Sunday, 19 August 2012


Spotted Charity dwells on low
Not keeping time, unaware
Of five-finger discounts

She is bound by blindness
And feels joy and fatigue
At $20 given to a definite junkie

She dwells where Beauty seldom does
But when together, there is a riot
Of peace and cameos
Aureoles vacant


  1. I don't know why society seems to be less charitable in present times - our tolerance levels seem to be at an all time low. Your words made me think: Charity does not dwell with Beauty.

  2. I read your poem a few times, as I was so struck by some of the wordings..."Spotted Charities" and "She dwell where Beauty seldom does" and "riot of peace and cameos." Much to think about within these words.

  3. You say so much with so little. My type of poetry.

  4. I know her. Perhaps too well. But if one must err, doing so on the side of charity rather than parsimony seems right. You provoke thought. Good writers do.

  5. That word "spotted" is like dubious sun's ray's in winter - fragile but hardly warming. The word also suggests the chance connection of finding a target; it also suggests "unpredictable". So much power in just the first verb-generated adjective! There is a stylish casual tone in the whole poem that implies at one level these are just drifting thoughts, but on another, more deep- seated level, ideas that have been forming over time. Love the capitalised identities suggesting they are polar opposites! A challenging poem!

  6. I agree that you say so much in so little... that's difficult to do and make it work. Each time I read it I come away with more and it has jump-started my thinking. I like when that happens, when I am stimulated to think about a poem. Well done.

  7. I like how you weaved the bipolarity together...from Spotted Charity to Beauty to Aureoles vacant.

  8. It definitely made me think. From aureoles (German: Heiligenschein) it's not far to "scheinheilig" = hypocritical.
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